Pay for ALL Thai tickets to Bangkok in 7/11 with this APP

Pay for ALL Thai tickets to Bangkok in 7/11 with this APP

With this App you will be able to book all domestic flights in Thailand with a few clicks.

You may think this can be done with many other Apps, and maybe you think you have enough apps, and yes, it is true that there are many Apps that offer this.

I fell for this special app by Traveloka because you can find all the airlines on it and because you are able to pay in many different ways.

The best thing for me is that I can go to any Seven Eleven and pay, and they are on almost every street corner in Thailand, which makes it pretty handy.

When you book and choose to pay by 7/11, then the reservation is completed within about 2 hours of going to the 7/11 and paying cash. Then you get a confirmation on the app that you have the ticket.

There are some low-cost carriers that offer this directly through their websites or their Apps (i.e. that you can pay through 7/11), but it’s only a few of them, and companies such as Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways offer only credit card payments on their sites. Also note that if going to the new airport, Suvarnabhumi, then you must use one of these two airlines as the others don’t fly there, but instead land at the old airport, Don Muang.

In addition to paying at a 7/11, you can also pay in the following stores:

  • FamilyMart
  • TescoLotus
  • TOT Just Pay
  • True Money
  • Pay@Post
  • Big C
  • Mpay

Furthermore, it is also possible to pay via an ATM, and the following banks offer this:

  • Bangkok Bank
  • KTB Bank
  • Krungri Bank
  • SCB Bank

And yes, you can of course also pay by credit or debit card and via Internet banking.

How are the prices compared to airlines’ own websites or if using Monmondo?

They are as cheap as when using Mondondo, and sometimes I have seen flights cheaper via the app. The app takes only 15 baht fee.

Why not just use credit cards?

So, I do usually, but as many, who have lived in Thailand for a few years, probably know, it’s only a few banks that actually allow you to pay online with their cards.

And when I had to book a ticket to Bangkok last week from Chiang Mai, my Bangkok Bank debit card did not allow me to.

Of the banks I know these are what they offer:

Bangkok Bank: They offer the use of their VISA debit card for online payments up to X number baht.

Kasikorn Bank: Here you get a so-called virtual VISA debit card, which is actually really smart! A virtual card means that you do not use the numbers from the card for online payments, but have a virtual card with its own number, which you can find on its online banking site. This means that if you lose your card or it is stolen, it cannot be used on the Internet. The limit here is also somewhat higher compared to the Bangkok Bank card.

Do you know about other cards? Then please give details in the comments section below so other readers can also benefit from it.

You can also use one of the many travel organizers that are around the in cities, but here, they often take a somewhat larger cut to book the ticket for you.

Not only works for domestic tickets to Bangkok – but also for foreign flights as well as hotels and good deals!

But it doesn’t not stop here. The app offers much more.

These include:

  • Booking foreign tickets to Bangkok as easily as domestic tickets to Bangkok.
  • Book hotels, resorts, guest houses, where you can also pay in a 7/11.
  • Ability to get the best deals in the area you are in.
  • Search for hotels, resorts and guest houses that are close to you.
  • And much more …

Try to install it – you’ll find it here:

There is also a web version, it can be found by clicking here.

Here are some facts to substantiate that this App is good to have on your phone:

*1st place Winner of Top Brand Award 2015 for Flight Ticket & Hotel Booking Service*

*Official partner of IATA (International Air Transport Association)*

*Covered by international press: Financial Times, Tech in Asia, tnooz, e27*

*Indonesia’s No. 1 Cheap Flight & Hotel Booking Service according to comScore*

*Garuda Indonesia’s Best Performing GOS Agent 2014*

How to book airfares and hotels via the app?

This is handled via the 6 simple steps that you can see in the images below:

The app also works in many other countries.

Please write in the comments box below if you have any questions about this App.

some good tips, or if you know of other and perhaps better Apps for this purpose?

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