Top 7 late-night restaurant in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is open 24/7 365 days a year.

But it can sometimes be a little difficult to find some good places to eat after midnight.

Here we have collected 7 great places, where you can get something good to eat, even if it is very late.

  • San Pa Koi Noodles – Open from 19.00 until the morning. It’s always a good time there after midnight.
  • Larb Bunker – Opens after midnight. Here you will find a great selection of local food, such as Larb.
  • Lung Thai Curry – Opens late until 04:00. Here you’ll find many students who like to be out late.
  • Midnight Chicken – Need somewhere open late,  want the party to continue with good food? So, this is the place!
  • BB Burger – Open until 03:00. This is the former Mike’s Burger. Good and cheap burgers.
  • Zoe in Yellow Corner – Stays open until 03:00. Here you will find everything from Pad Thai to Kebabs.
  • Jok Yaphet  – Open 24 hours a day. Here you will find a wide selection for everyone.

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